Osaka, The Perfect Affordable Sofa

Our timeless bestseller Sofa, Osaka, is designed by Anders Nørgaard. It is fully customizable and can change expression from nostalgic mid-century decor to more contemporary Danish-inspired digs. The size is available in numerous modules and can fit all kinds of living spaces from small urban living to big residences. The price category of the sofa can be adjusted to fit almost every interior budget, it simply depends on the chosen size and fabric.

Sean Santiago noticed these essential details about the Osaka sofa, and in an article from Architectural Digest he describes the sofa as:

“The best affordable sofa, that don’t look like affordable sofas”.

Very quickly the Osaka became a clear front runner in Sean’s search for the perfect affordable sofa. He outfitted his own budget-friendly version that he would prefer, and ended with a 2-seater with a cream-colored synthetic linen fabric and with blonde oak legs and a regular-style seat (Osaka is also available with tufted seats). This personal designed sofa you can get this personally designed sofa for $1,139 before tax.

Or you can visit our store to personalize and design your own favorite sofa!

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  • Hello, Thank you for the nice article. I have the same Osaka sofa and it is wonderful. I am writing to inquire about the side table which from the picture, looks like it goes very well with the sofa and I am looking for it. What is the name of the table and is BoConcept selling it or where else can I find it?

    Will greatly appreciate your reply.

    Kind regards,

    • Hello Myriam,

      We apologize for the very late reply. There are thousands of spamming comments to go through, and thankfully we’ve found yours!

      The table in the photo is the Wire table with a mirror tabletop. It is a discontinued item but we still have some stock available in the Vancouver store. Please feel free to visit the showroom at your convenience to check it out!


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