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Meet Our Incredible Designers

Our team of designers comes from a variety of backgrounds and comprise very different talents. But what they do have in common is the goal. The goal is to create elegant sophisticated designs that match your unique personal style. All their designs can be customized with our different fabrics, textures and finishes. You simply take their designs, and make them yours!


Anders Nørgaard

This talented Danish designer has created icons as Monte, OGI and Veneto Chairs. Furthermore, Ander’s unique talent for designing modular sofa concepts is expressed through his designs as INDIVI2, Carlton, Istra, Fargo, and many more.

Anders has both received the Red Dot Award and Chicago Athenaeum Good Design Award.

“Future design is primarily based on inspiration and creativity and it takes a lot of work to create. It’s a lengthy yet fascinating process.” – Anders Nørgaard


Henrik Pedersen

Henrik’s designs are always inspired by his the philosophy – “it has to speak to you.” Among other designs, the iconic Imola chair was the first work of art by Henrik. Henrik is also the creator of our iconic Adelaide Collection. He uses form and function to move people and make them feel the product. What inspires Henrik is to see the minor details evolve into a complete product.

Henrik has received “Outdoor product of the year” award and an innovation price from SPOGA.


Karim Rashid

We are proud to present Karim as a part of the BoConcept design team. He is one of the most innovative designers of our time, he is renowned worldwide and he has received more than 300 rewards. He is the architect of our masterpiece, Ottawa Collection, which he achieved the Red Dot Award for.

To Karim, functionality and minimalism is essential, but at the same time, he wants to move people and create furniture that make people feel at ease.

“Conception is really about collaboration.” – Karim Rashid



nendo is a prolific Japanese design studio, founded by Oki Sato, which lives for the design philosophy of transforming people’s interaction with everyday objects by creating ‘small moments’ in everyday life.

The studio is well-known worldwide for its designs that emphasize a minimal form full of character and with a pinch of humor and friendliness. It is the creator of our remarkable Fusion Collection.

“Giving people a little twist, which catches the eye, and makes people smile or stand still is our biggest value to our customer.” – Oki Sato

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