The Iconic Design of BoConcept, Adelaide

Let’s explore the world of Adelaide.

The Adelaide Chair Concept has always been an icon of the BoConcept family. But what is so special about Adelaide? Well, where shall we start from…

  • It is a concept chair
  • It is comfortable AND beautiful
  • It is multi-functional and works in the dining area, the office, the kitchen area and even functions as an outdoor chair
  • It comes in countless combinations that allows you to personalize your own chair
  • It is affordable
  • It is easy to assemble

Now that BoConcept is turning 65, it is time to expand a great product.

The Adelaide Living Collection recently entered the BoConcept family and is just as great as the chair.
We are more than happy to present the new sofa, coffee table, armchair and footstool.


First of all, the Adelaide armchair and footstool are masterpieces with a classic elegant look. It is perfect for cultivated conversation in a lounge, in the waiting area, or even just for reading a book comfortably in the living room. Like the dining chair, you can customize it to your preference.


Secondly, the Adelaide coffee table has a nice expression of Danish heritage, but with a modern touch and smooth shapes. It is perfect for different settings, and provides a beautiful coffee table for both
corporate solutions, homes and hotels.


Last but not the least, the Adelaide sofa is available in two fixed sizes, and it holds a huge potential to the lounge and waiting area, corporate solutions and hotels. The soft design, subtle details and curved shape creates an exclusive and iconic piece of furniture for every living room. Additionally, the soft shaped curved armrest ensures its elegance as well as the comfort.

Visit our store to try the new Adelaide Living Collection.

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